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Preview of the Galileo Project

By Kevin Keen

When I was a little kid in elementary school, there was nothing that so captivated me like space. The planets, the large orbs in the sky so impossibly far away that it was invisible to the naked eye. And yet, like blood cells, the information that I retained from fourth and fifth grade on space projects, space books, and space toys was massive.

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This Weekend's Punkin' Chunkin'

Photos and Article by Haley Nelson

“Three, two, one, FIRE!” The blow horn blasted out over the lake and then came the ka-chunk…WHIZ! of the trebuchet followed by a collective “whoa!” by the crowds of onlookers gaping at the majestic arc of the flying orange gourd. Finally, the soaring pumpkin met its watery doom as it exploded into seedy chunks upon hitting the lake’s gray surface.

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Miss Parents Weekend?

By Tatyana Bonds

Laughter, tears, and excitement filled the air this weekend as parents reunited with their beloved undergrads for Penn State’s Annual Parents and Families Weekend. This tradition traces back to the very early years of Penn State, where the university’s officials wanted to create a program that partnered with parents to secure the success of students, allow countless engagement within the university, and educate the community about the necessary resources and services distribute throughout the campus. With this program, parents and families would have the opportunity to experience the life of the average Penn Stater.

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Force of Fall is Strong in Happy Valley

As Darth Vader famously said, "The Force is strong in this one." He was, of course talking about the Force of Nature in Fall-time in Happy Valley. There is no more powerful season in Happy Valley, at least not that we know of. At the first sight of a yellow-tinted leaf, the festivals and events celebrating this cider-swilling, leaf-pile jumping season have been springing up all over! From Tussey Mountain, to Huntingdon, to Bald Eagle State Park, and back to State College, the possibilities are endless for your October and November fun here in Happy Valley.

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