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Top Picks - Super Bowl, Art and Chocolate, and 409

Top Dinner Date Spots

Fun Indoor Winter Activities

The Best Soups in Happy Valley!

Our newest Fun Guide is here! This winter and a look at 2015

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Hot Date Spots

Hard to find the perfect restaurant for a date? Look no farther, we've put together the Top 10 here!  More

Best Soups

The Top Ten Places for Soup - perfect for a cold winter night. Tons of terrifically tasty options in Happy Valley!  More

The Future...

The football team went to New York with some hopes and tons of doubters. They came back with a trophy & big 2015 plans!  More

Save Big $

The Happy Valley VIP Program will help you to save big and have big fun in Happy Valley. Can it get any better?  More

Experience State College


Happy Volley...ball

It's pretty safe to say that women's volleyball is a dynasty. Plus, they're classy reps of the school and area.


Wrestling Rocks in Happy Valley

The wrestling team has won 4 National Titles in a row. They're on the way to number 5 and you need to be here to see it.


Will you be King of the Mountain?

When the weather gets cold, the mountain calls. Hear it? Hit them slopes and become King (or Queen) of the Mountain.



Winter Fun Guide

We have everything you need to heat up this cold winter. The funnest of fun, the bestest of best.