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Everything is New Again

Looking forward to the 2014 Football Season

by Cara Aungst

A family friend, Abby Prendergast, shares our
enthusiasm for a day spent in the stadium.

Last fall, my oldest three kids went to their first Penn State football game. My husband got tickets from a friend and, although I secretly wondered if the kids would have a better time spending the afternoon at Pinkalicious the Musical or a Lego Movie matinee, I dug through their closets for Penn State shirts and sweatshirts and sent them off all the same.

Have you ever wished that you could go back and experience one of your favorite things for the first time? For every taste, smell and detail to be new and filled with wonder? That afternoon was one of those times. All those parked cars lined up like dominoes, the tailgating, lawn chairs and grills.

Walking into that stadium filled with a family of 96,000 fans. They saw Mount Nittany looking neon in the setting sun. They heard “WE ARE” for the first time. They learned the wave, and their fingertips tingled. They were part of something. They were... Penn State.

By the time they got home, they were electric. They kept interrupting each other with their stories, the sights and sounds and roar of the day shooting out of them in a frisson.

I thought that kind of electric excitement was only possible for the young and un-jaded, but I was wrong. There is much to anticipate going into this season. Coach Franklin's charismata is as contagious to his top tier recruits as it is to the fans. Players like Hackenberg have renewed our faith in the religion. This will be a year of good football, but more than that, it will be a fall of storytelling, bad potato salad, lifelong friends and driving up the Seven Mountains while they are in their full blaze of autumn glory. It's going to be a great year, just ask my kids. We Are.