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Hard Times Reveal True Fans

By Les Barnhart

Hard times reveal true friends.  That is something that pops up on my screen at work as part of a slideshow that includes various pictures and other sayings.  I literally see it every day at work.  It wasn’t until just now that it hit me and I applied to it all the naysayers that seem to have snuck on the Penn State/Coach Franklin bandwagon. 

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The Dumbest Mascots

School pride is one thing, bad mascot names are quite another

By Les Barnhart

Have you ever stopped to think about mascots?  Probably not, since people generally have more pressing issues on their hands. Me, on the other hand, I think about stuff like that.  I sometimes pick an entire NCAA March Madness bracket based on the respective mascots fighting in a cage match. Yep. That is a true story.

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Penn State Loses to Michigan

By Eric Herrold

With memories of last seasons "one for the ages" 4 overtime WhiteOut victory still dancing in our heads, the Nittany Lions traveled to Ann Arbor, Michigan with visions of getting that train back on track. A bye week to nurse some minor wounds, and work on correcting some ongoing issues with the offense, coupled with the fact that the Wolverines were dealing with some major internal issues of their own, all led to some great optimism and confidence on the part of the Nittany Nation faithful.

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