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A View of the Bowls from the Cheap Seats

By Les Barnhart

There's so much football going on. Ah! I love it. Reality is, Penn State just can't play in every game there is this postseason. They just get one. So, it's an opportunity to watch all the other teams across this great nation of ours as they play for their fans and glory. It's the human condition in action right before our eyes! Here's a guide to this bowl season, what to watch and how to watch it (with a beer in your hand, of course!)

BONUS - check out some of the best places to watch football in Happy Valley.

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The Cheap Seats: The Meaning of the Season

By Les Barnhart

Penn State is headed to the Pinstripe Bowl in Yankee Stadium on December 27th.  Before the pre-bowl coverage and overall hoopla starts, I wanted to take another look at the 2014 season and the teams the Nittany Lions faced.  I think it shows that Penn State is closer than you think. Closer to being a team that will be playing in New Year's Day or championship bowls. Soon. Let's take a closer look. If you're interested. i won't force you to read the whole thing. But you should, if you're a real Penn State fan.

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PSU Headed to Pinstripe Bowl

By Jeff Cavanaugh

It has been a long three seasons since the Nittany Lions last earned their way to a postseason bowl – making the announcement that Penn State will play Boston College at Yankee Stadium on Saturday, December 27 in the New Era Pinstripe Bowl that much sweeter.

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The Cheap Seats: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

By Les Barnhart

In a season that was to be the ugliest of the "sanction" years, the Nittany Lions gave their all, week in and week out.  They gave fans plenty to cheer about and some weeks, plenty to curse the sanctions about.  The 2014 season will be looked back on not for the six wins or the start of Coach Franklin's tenure. It will be looked on as the year that the Penn State football program stood tall while playing the entire season outmanned.  They faced off against odds that had even the most loyal of the "blue bloods" professing at the start of the campaign that this would be a "throw away" season. They thought it would be impossible with lack of scholarship players at Penn State.

2014 was to be another rebuilding season for the Nittany Lions. The new head coach took the scene by storm with his "dominate the state" mantra that he set into motion at his first press conference.  The team lost their receiving corps from last season and most of their offensive line.  The line would, as predicted, be an area of concern all season and one that will need the most attention over the offseason.  The defense was good enough to keep them in games, but it did not look good for the Nittany Lions as they opened the season in Ireland for the Croke Park Classic. But things can change.

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