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Letter to Joe - Always a Lion

Having a birthday in September means there's always a chance to see a Penn State home football game on (or around) my birthday. There are many other noteworthy football games I have attended also. I became a fan of Penn State for two reasons: one being the colleges in Maryland, where I grew up, were not worth rooting for in the 1980's, and two, the simple uniforms, the no gimmick offense, the tenacious D, and most importantly, the coach, who remained true to his heart and calling, staying with Penn State and not opting for the riches and profound glory of the NFL. I also endear two local sports icons: Cal Ripken, Jr. and Darrell Green, both stayed with their only team, thru thick and thin, good times and bad times, That sense of loyalty and commitment was instilled upon me by my father who always said once you make a commitment, you must always honor that, no excuses, no backing out. Joe's commitment to football was second to none but his overall commitment was to the students themselves. His Grand Experiment is a fine example of what a student-athlete should be, student first, athlete second. His blueprint for Success with Honor should be replicated and distributed to all schools, colleges and universities to learn from and follow.

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Letter to Joe - A Fan

I have been and always will be a fan of Penn State football for one reason....Joe Paterno

He made the program what it is today. He molded kids and made them men...He was more than a football thoughts and prayers go out to the family at this time....God bless you coach....