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2016 Media Kit | 2016 Fun Guide Double Issue Rate Sheet  

Why did I create Why did I pounce on the word Happy Valley early in my career (1981)and certainly why did I get the dot come to that word? Why have I carefully nurtured this site along well before Google was a household word and now a verb. Why do I believe so much in the power of Penn State Alums and have served them since 1978. Well for our over 100 advertising partners who vote year in and out that this audience is worth investing in, I thank you for helping us continue to refine and build out our services to Penn State Alums, and validating the mission. And those who have not yet joined our “co-op” this newsletter is to help you navigate the many choices out there to promote your business and consider our approach. It all is designed to be a no-brainer and easy to jump in or out anytime.

Here was the goal when we started this site and we have not wavered since Day 1.

1) A highly targeted Audience---PSU Alums---who turn into Parents of PSU students and thus visitors, tourists and turn into residents. Hey that is me. That is a $1.3 billion and growing nice “niche” or as some think (me) is the most important economic underserved engine in our area.

2) A unique platform—only medium dedicated 100% to having fun in the HappyValley region and has focused editorial and packaging to allow our audience to plan their fun and they use our site at the “point of decision making”. And yes we include EVERYONE and thus we call ourselves “comprehensive”. So yes even our non advertisers in the lodging, restaurant and attractions are listed (again we believe in providing this yellow page approach).

3) Affordable means for the service industry to reach this audience—print and web plus the kicker of our Affinity Connection plus 100,000 members of our Penn State Alumni Interest groups we manage.

Now, I do not mean to brag or boast and say is like hot butter on your breakfast toast (Sugar Hill Gang 1979). We are simply each day working hard to bring more folks back into Happy Valley so they do butter their breakfast toast here.

Our staff has an uncommon love for this town and we love college sports and we want you to join us on our pages both in print and on our site as you are a “unique ride here in our version of Disneyworld”. And I live HERE and raise my family here and not in Orlando. 

Thanks and keep doing what you are doing to make this area so special!

Greg Woodman

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Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or call us at (814) 237-0481 ext.131.