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This Weekend is Going to Be Huge!

Our Top Picks through October 22

Happy Valley Ranks High in TONS of Places! Check 'em out!

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Dumb Mascots

Nuts, Pickles, Camels, and Trolls. We put together the best of the worst, good for a chuckle or three.  More


Punkin' Chunkin'

Those big, orange nature-balls were flying all over the place this weekend. We were there to catch it! More

Well Ranked

Happy Valley is ranked high (top) in tons of publications for pretty much everything there is. Check it out!  More

Save Big $

The Happy Valley VIP Program will help you to save big and have big fun in Happy Valley. Can it get any better?  More

Experience State College


PSU/OSU and lots more!

We're ready for the weekend with everything for you to see and do October 23 - 26. If you don't have a blast, you can't blame us!


Thrift Shops and Antique Stores

Grab a great bargain or piece of history, with our list of the best thrift and antique places in Happy Valley.


Have you experienced fall in Happy Valley?

We've put together a list of the best places to soak up the beauty of nature. Bring your family, bring a date, go alone and meditate. Just go!



Catch the Action!

The Beach Boys on October 29, and Hunter Hayes on October 30. Men's Basketball and Women's Basketball. The BJC is action packed!